About The company

Frank Buchwald Design Company in Berlin

I established my company in 1993, and work with two employees and various freelance workers - depending on the size of orders. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of furniture and lights, exclusively hand-made in our own workshop. This workshop is located in a typical berlin industrial courtyard from the time after 1871. It houses artists and a group of craftsmen in woodwork, woodcarving, and glass fabrication. So we have a wide-ranging network of qualified people to work with. We produce using modern technologies like laser cutting, as well as traditional metalwork, creatively combining traditional methods.

Sometimes we work on consolidated corporate projects, paying close attention to detail, to insure that the end product will meet all the desires of our clients. Over the years we worked closely with each client, or in collaboration with architects, to design a perfect custom-made item. I had designed and produced custom lights and furniture for restaurants, retail stores, offices and private homes.

In 2002 I changed the emphasis of my work to a more purely artistic focus on my light objects.

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