Limited Edition Nixie Machine III


Limited edition of 18 pieces

The new Nixie Machine III represents the next stage of evolution in the work of Frank Buchwald. Each and every detail has been manually handcrafted: from design, construction, and detailed workmanship of the clock to the six Nixie tubes fabricated by Dalibor Farny.

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Forging onwards from the first and second editions of the Nixie Machine series, the NM3 consolidates Frank Buchwald’s design and structural principles into a futuristic work of art whose dynamic emphasis is dominated by the machine-like character of the design: the form is compact and vigorous and the proportions perfectly executed.
At first glance, the succession of six Nixie tubes seem to hover above the substructure, pulling the eye instinctively inwards to the numeric information floating within the confines of each glass bulb. Closer scrutiny reveals piece by piece the intrinsic principles comprising the quintessential structure of the machine: a duo-support bracket riveted with massive steel bolts, steel and brass discs to the solid base construction and a central cylindrical tower. Extending from the duo-support bracket is the additional structural support, holding the row of tubes like arms, which ‘hand over’ time to the viewer.

Flexible metal hoses feed the Nixie tubes energy and information from the electronic core of the machine, which houses also the main central switch, illuminated like a blueish preternatural ‘eye’. The special design of this edition of the NM3 necessitated the development of a new electronic circuit board with circuit components and 66 contact pins compressed onto a small round surface corresponding to the size of the machine’s central body. This innovation was no small feat for Dalibor Farny, creator and engineer of the repurposed Nixie tubes and collaborator with Frank Buchwald on Nixie Machines 2 and 3. The NM3 is made of solid stainless steel. Due to design, all components have been exclusively hand-sanded and polished.

Dimensions: 630 mm x 430 mm
Weight: ca. 17 kg.
The electronic heart of the Nixie Machine III takes on an unprecedented approach to telling time: at the machine’s core are powerful, wi-fi enabled electronics, allowing internet connectivity and guaranteeing both ceaseless accuracy of time and emancipation from manual setup. All settings and special features (including scroll effects, day/night mode, digital-light dimming, time-zone settings and more can be set online – obviating the need for a user manual. The clock itself is, however, autonomous: it can operate both on- and offline.
Power consumption: 7W Input
Power: 12V adapter

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